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Toward Timely Data for Cancer Research: Assessment and Reengineering of the Cancer Reporting Process

JMIR Cancer 2018;4(1):e4

422569 31 0
Demands and Needs for Psycho-Oncological eHealth Interventions in Women With Cancer: Cross-Sectional Study

JMIR Cancer 2017;3(2):e19

330640 14 8
The Fitbit One Physical Activity Tracker in Men With Prostate Cancer: Validation Study

JMIR Cancer 2017;3(1):e5

260729 19 18
Assessment of Cancer Survivors’ Experiences of Using a Publicly Available Physical Activity Mobile Application

JMIR Cancer 2016;2(1):e7

172684 20 26
Defining the Role of the Online Therapeutic Facilitator: Principles and Guidelines Developed for Couplelinks, an Online Support Program for Couples Affected by Breast Cancer

JMIR Cancer 2015;1(1):e4

156664 3 6
Interest in Health Behavior Intervention Delivery Modalities Among Cancer Survivors: A Cross-Sectional Study

JMIR Cancer 2016;2(1):e1

119228 6 17
Evaluation of a Web-Based App Demonstrating an Exclusionary Algorithmic Approach to TNM Cancer Staging

JMIR Cancer 2015;1(1):e3

111494 1 0
YouTube Videos Related to Skin Cancer: A Missed Opportunity for Cancer Prevention and Control

JMIR Cancer 2015;1(1):e1

107719 7 19
Web-Based Communication Strategies Designed to Improve Intention to Minimize Risk for Colorectal Cancer: Randomized Controlled Trial

JMIR Cancer 2018;4(1):e2

102645 7 1
Predictors of Online Cancer Prevention Information Seeking Among Patients and Caregivers Across the Digital Divide: A Cross-Sectional, Correlational Study

JMIR Cancer 2016;2(1):e2

96236 6 20
Quality of Web-Based Educational Interventions for Clinicians on Human Papillomavirus Vaccine: Content and Usability Assessment

JMIR Cancer 2018;4(1):e3

93693 5 4
Pilot and Feasibility Test of a Mobile Health-Supported Behavioral Counseling Intervention for Weight Management Among Breast Cancer Survivors

JMIR Cancer 2016;2(1):e4

91928 16 53
eHealth for Breast Cancer Survivors: Use, Feasibility and Impact of an Interactive Portal

JMIR Cancer 2016;2(1):e3

82497 15 31
Internet-Based Group Intervention for Ovarian Cancer Survivors: Feasibility and Preliminary Results

JMIR Cancer 2018;4(1):e1

82456 8 13
Patients’ and Health Care Providers’ Opinions on a Supportive Health App During Breast Cancer Treatment: A Qualitative Evaluation

JMIR Cancer 2016;2(1):e8

82309 26 10
Rotterdam Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator: Development and Usability Testing of the Mobile Phone App

JMIR Cancer 2017;3(1):e1

79677 3 21
Implications of Patient Portal Transparency in Oncology: Qualitative Interview Study on the Experiences of Patients, Oncologists, and Medical Informaticists

JMIR Cancer 2018;4(1):e5

79066 8 12
Availability of Information About Lifestyle for Cancer Survivors in England: A Review of Statutory and Charitable Sector Organizations and Cancer Centers

JMIR Cancer 2015;1(1):e2

78067 4 1
Parent and Health Care Provider Perceptions for Development of a Web-Based Weight Management Program for Survivors of Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Mixed Methods Study

JMIR Cancer 2017;3(1):e2

78007 9 3
The Effects of Physical Activity on Health and Quality of Life in Adolescent Cancer Survivors: A Systematic Review

JMIR Cancer 2016;2(1):e6

70291 19 23
Age-Related Use and Perceptions of eHealth in Men With Prostate Cancer: A Web-Based Survey

JMIR Cancer 2015;1(1):e6

69120 1 15
Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivorship Educational Programming: A Qualitative Evaluation

JMIR Cancer 2017;3(1):e3

67096 12 6
Analysis of Content Shared in Online Cancer Communities: Systematic Review

JMIR Cancer 2018;4(1):e6

63965 12 10
Electronic-Based Patient-Reported Outcomes: Willingness, Needs, and Barriers in Adjuvant and Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

JMIR Cancer 2017;3(2):e11

63074 1 11
“Googling” for Cancer: An Infodemiological Assessment of Online Search Interests in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States

JMIR Cancer 2016;2(1):e5

62524 8 33

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