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Reliability of Cancer Treatment Information on the Internet: Observational Study

JMIR Cancer 2018;4(2):e10031

3295 251 9
A Cancer Exercise Toolkit Developed Using Co-Design: Mixed Methods Study

JMIR Cancer 2022;8(2):e34903

2579 92 10
Exposure and Reactions to Cancer Treatment Misinformation and Advice: Survey Study

JMIR Cancer 2023;9(1):e43749

356 72 0
Current Evidence and Directions for Future Research in eHealth Physical Activity Interventions for Adults Affected by Cancer: Systematic Review

JMIR Cancer 2021;7(3):e28852

1184 70 19
When Chatbots Meet Patients: One-Year Prospective Study of Conversations Between Patients With Breast Cancer and a Chatbot

JMIR Cancer 2019;5(1):e12856

10545 59 100
Cancer-Related Fatigue in Post-Treatment Cancer Survivors: Theory-Based Development of a Web-Based Intervention

JMIR Cancer 2017;3(2):e8

3467 59 12
Using Shopping Data to Improve the Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer: Computational Analysis of a Web-Based Survey

JMIR Cancer 2023;9(1):e37141

505 54 2
“Thanks for Letting Us All Share Your Mammogram Experience Virtually”: Developing a Web-Based Hub for Breast Cancer Screening

JMIR Cancer 2017;3(2):e17

4179 54 12
A Web-Based Intervention to Reduce Distress After Prostate Cancer Treatment: Development and Feasibility of the Getting Down to Coping Program in Two Different Clinical Settings

JMIR Cancer 2018;4(1):e8

4306 50 10
COVID-19 Diagnosis and Risk of Death Among Adults With Cancer in Indiana: Retrospective Cohort Study

JMIR Cancer 2022;8(4):e35310

667 44 3
Adaptation and Implementation of a Mobile Phone–Based Remote Symptom Monitoring System for People With Cancer in Europe

JMIR Cancer 2019;5(1):e10813

4115 43 23
Online Decision Support Tool for Personalized Cancer Symptom Checking in the Community (REACT): Acceptability, Feasibility, and Usability Study

JMIR Cancer 2018;4(2):e10073

2960 43 5
Digital Interventions to Support Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer: Systematic Review

JMIR Cancer 2019;5(2):e12071

4944 42 52
Potential of Using Twitter to Recruit Cancer Survivors and Their Willingness to Participate in Nutrition Research and Web-Based Interventions: A Cross-Sectional Study

JMIR Cancer 2019;5(1):e7850

1766 39 11
Designing and Testing Apps to Support Patients With Cancer: Looking to Behavioral Science to Lead the Way

JMIR Cancer 2019;5(1):e12317

3666 38 17
Gaps in Public Awareness About BRCA and Genetic Testing in Prostate Cancer: Social Media Landscape Analysis

JMIR Cancer 2021;7(3):e27063

1176 38 10
Twitter Conversations About Pancreatic Cancer by Health Care Providers and the General Public: Thematic Analysis

JMIR Cancer 2022;8(1):e31388

1261 38 5
A Digital Educational Intervention With Wearable Activity Trackers to Support Health Behaviors Among Childhood Cancer Survivors: Pilot Feasibility and Acceptability Study

JMIR Cancer 2022;8(3):e38367

469 35 3
Feasibility of a Mobile Phone App and Telephone Coaching Survivorship Care Planning Program Among Spanish-Speaking Breast Cancer Survivors

JMIR Cancer 2019;5(2):e13543

3252 34 34
Telerehabilitation’s Safety, Feasibility, and Exercise Uptake in Cancer Survivors: Process Evaluation

JMIR Cancer 2021;7(4):e33130

1139 33 23
Toward Timely Data for Cancer Research: Assessment and Reengineering of the Cancer Reporting Process

JMIR Cancer 2018;4(1):e4

2414 31 3
Exploring the Experiences of Cancer Patients With Chemotherapy-Induced Ototoxicity: Qualitative Study Using Online Health Care Forums

JMIR Cancer 2019;5(1):e10883

4370 28 8
An Interactive Web Portal for Tracking Oncology Patient Physical Activity and Symptoms: Prospective Cohort Study

JMIR Cancer 2018;4(2):e11978

2279 28 9
Characteristics of Participants and Nonparticipants in a Blended Internet-Based Physical Activity Trial for Breast and Prostate Cancer Survivors: Cross-sectional Study

JMIR Cancer 2021;7(4):e25464

539 27 4
Remote Psychological Interventions for Fear of Cancer Recurrence: Scoping Review

JMIR Cancer 2022;8(1):e29745

1960 27 10

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