Publishing Policies

Editorial Board Policy


The Editorial Board comprises a group of outstanding individuals committed to assisting JMIR Publications in producing an excellent multidisciplinary scientific publication of the highest quality.

Selection criteria for Editorial Board members:

Editorial Board members are appointed by the publisher (or, in some instances, the Editor-in-Chief) for a 3-year term that is renewable. Editorial Board members should have reviewed for JMIR Publications and have published at least one article with JMIR Publications. Although some exceptions are possible, Editorial Board members should not sit on editorial boards of competing journals during their term. Nominations for Editorial Board appointments come from a variety of sources including the current Editorial Board, journal authors, and readers. Any self-nominations will be assessed by the publisher and/or Editor-in-Chief. The editorial board should constitute an appropriate interdisciplinary mix from a wide range of disciplines including health care researchers; researchers from the engineering sciences, social sciences; and, where appropriate, patient representatives. Editorial Board members should be productive and respected members of the scientific community. In addition, JMIR Publications is actively looking for consumer representation on its board. Being an Editorial Board member for JMIR Publications means that actual work is required, so Editorial Board members should have sufficient time and motivation.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Advocacy for open-access publishing, in general, and publishing high-quality work in JMIR Publications, specifically
  • Strategic and operational advice (unsolicited as well as in Editorial Board meetings)
  • Guidance for papers in their area of expertise through the peer-review process

Individuals interested in joining the Editorial Board should read the FAQ article on How to become an EB member.