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On Monday, December 3, 2018, from 16:00-18:00 EST, RefCheck will be undergoing maintenance. RefCheck is the process where, during copyediting, all references are extracted from the manuscript file, parsed, matched against various databases (eg, PubMed and CrossRef), and automatically corrected. For more information on RefCheck, please visit our Knowledge Base.

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  3. MacLean, Sarah A
  4. Makady, Amr
  5. Mann, Devin M
  6. Martin, Emily C
  7. Marwedel, Lennart
  8. Matin, Khalid
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  19. McRoy, Susan
  20. Meagher, Susan
  21. Meijboom, Kim
  22. Mendelsohn-Victor, Kari E
  23. Mendler, Jason H
  24. Merajver, Sofia D
  25. Meredith, Joanne
  26. Meyer, Julia